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About Us

Dhira is a one-stop online store offering the widest variety of authentic and trendy ethnic fashion. Our journey has started with trendy as well as traditional sarees, but we are working to build an online platform offering all kinds of clothings- saree, salwar kameez, men’s panjabi, contemporary Indo Westerns with an exquisite collection of accessories.

Our Mission

Dhira’s mission is to provide a truly international online ethnic wear shopping experience. We guarantee superior quality and craftsmanship through our range, supported by swift and secure processes right from purchase to product delivery and beyond.

Our Vision

Dhira has been created with a vision to spread quality and trendy ethnic wear across the globe. Bangladesh is popular worldwide for its unique fabrics and craft traditions. We are a proud country which is also known as “basket full of wonders” for its remarkable garment industries and traditional clothing. And Dhira aspires to keep the undying spirit of artistry alive and introduce the nation’s ethnic wear all around the globe.


Fabiha was an Urban Planner in the Town of East Hampton, NY before she founded Dhira. During her stay in the US, she felt the need for available ethnic wear shops. The existing few ethnic clothing stores were mostly overpriced but in mediocre quality and old-fashioned. Fabiha realized the need for authentic, trendy and reasonably priced ethnic wear for all the South-Asian women living abroad. Then the concept of Dhira was born with an aim to source the best of the South-East Asian ethnic fashion and spread its magic to the whole world.